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"Impressive and Appreciated. You saved me HOURS of time."

It worked great with dreamweaver. I used the "insert to page" option... not the "save as html" as that didn't work for me in dreamweaver. After seeing that it worked, I then paid for the program to remove the "wow slider" watermark. I'd originally called Adobe to find out which program I could use to create a slide show that I could "easily" import into dreamweaver. I was told Muse. So I spent the weekend working in Muse, created the slide show, went to install it in dreamweaver via html code... and found that was not going to happen. From there, I called Adobe back (not very pleased), and the Adobe rep I usually talk to helped me out (not the one who told me use Muse) and directed me to you. And now I am very pleased. Not to say that my time in Muse was wasted... pretty decent program. Anyhow, thank you VERY MUCH for this. It's worth the money for me. :)

  • Ease and choices
  • And if I'm going to use one with colors in the sliders... I'd like to be able to pick my colors. Maybe I can and I just didn't see that.

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10 Nov 2015

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