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"A good idea that needs a lot more work."

I'm not very impressed with this software, I'm sorry to say. The facts simply don't reflect the spiel on the webpage.

I've now tried four times to load a slideshow to my Joomla website, using different themes and been successful once.

The first occasion the images jumped all over the screen, on the second occasion the book transition just wouldn't work on either an ipad or android tablet, the third occasion, using the cube theme, I had an error message saying there was bad scripting.

There is no way that I can see of adding images to an existing slideshow other than to upload another module to the site and reconfiguring the modules and menus - not good if you are updating the site regularly.

Certainly not worth the money, in my view. I doubt I'll be using this software again - it's just not worth the hassle, which is a crying shame as the slideshows I have seen on the Wowslider website are, indeed, impressive.

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15 Nov 2014

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